Lab instructions, software, & data

The lab sessions have been using various programs and data sets, some of which we can link to from here or make available for direct download, along with the lab activity instruction pages.

“Math Review and update” lab session, Tuesday 6 July 2010

“Little g” lab, Wednesday 7 July 2010

  • The ImageJ program used to analyze the pictures of the falling strobe is available from
  • Lab instructions / write-up — will be linked later

“Big G, Cavendish experiment” lab, Weds/Thurs 7/8 July 2010

“Simple Lenses and Optical Systems” lab, Thursday 8 July 2010

  • Lab instructions / write-up — will be linked later

“Diffraction Gratings and Spectroscopy” lab, Friday 9 July 2010

  • Lab instructions / write-up — SpectroscopicLab.pdf
  • For teachers — notes on equipment — will be linked later

“HR Diagram Google Sky” lab, Monday 12 July 2010

Here are the inputs for Google Earth (Sky):

“Hubble Diagram” lab, starting Tuesday 13 July 2010

“Clusters” lab, starting Thursday 15 July 2010

Resources for all the Google Sky labs, from University of Chicago Astronomy and Astrophysics

These include the originals of the KMZ and KML inputs shown above.  These direct links may have updates not captured in our copies above! Sometimes the lab manuals refer to the inputs by descriptive name, and sometimes by the filename (usually a .kmz or .kml), so this list tries to give both designations for each item.

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