About CAPSTONE 2010

Capstone Course for Space Science

In order to provide students and their teachers with the opportunity to work closely with space scientists, CPS entered into a partnership with space science researchers at The Adler Planetarium, DePaul University, The University of Chicago, Northwestern University and Loyola University. Each of the participating scientists at these institutions is currently engaged in NASA-funded research, and thus can provide CPS students and teachers with unique insights into the nature of NASA data and what it tells us about our world and beyond, and also first- hand experience with the research methods used by space scientists.

Chicago Public Schools students and teachers will utilize research from space missions as part of a course that will be developed with a  grant from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

The grant will fund upcoming efforts by CPS and five institutional partners to use NASA mission data to increase student knowledge and develop classroom content and activities that center on space science.

Ultimately, a “capstone course” that ties together the key learning objectives on topics of space science will be developed and offered to CPS high school students. CPS will partner with the Adler Planetarium, DePaul University, the University of Chicago, Northwestern University and Loyola University in implementing the project.

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